Mission to Protect Our Uni-Planet

Mission to Protect Our Uni-Planet

Our brand is plant-based, and that’s the bottom line. That’s our spirit for living and the drive we desire to make a difference in the world. Because of Unisoy plant-based jerky’s perspective, we only have one planet to live on, and our mission is to make the best and most sustainable planet for everyone. We promote our jerky evolved snacks on the road to change the tastemaking game. 

According to McKinsey & Company, leading food companies are taking a more holistic approach to local food sourcing and management of ingredients. Local sourcing denotes the purchasing and procuring food resources, components, and other consumable products within a geographical area or a specific radial distance from where they’re sourced/farmed.

Unisoy plant-based jerky are made of TVP (textured vegetable protein). TVP are non-modified soybeans, protein, or soya chunks made from defatted soy flour products; used as a meat extender. Our jerky have genuine flavor, texture, and dimension to them, making our snack that will benefit the consumer and our planet. 

For our part, Unisoy ensures that our ingredients are genetically non-modified and all-natural. We take pride in providing that every bag of Unisoy plant-based jerky contains food that will positively affect our footprint on the planet. Our company has also teamed up with ONE TREE PLANTED, a non-profit organization with a mission to help the environment by planting trees. Together, Unisoy plant-based jerky helps restore forests, agriculture biomes, and local farms and creates habitats for biodiversity. Our jerky helps make a social and cultural impact on the planet.

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