That’s why we’ve created a delicious range of six different plant based jerky flavors to fit every mood!

When we think healthy, we think low fat, low cholesterol, high protein, and perhaps even plant based. What about the flavor? It’s long been misconstrued that healthy doesn’t equal tasty. 

At Unisoy Vegan Jerky, we’ve got all the tasty packed in our delicious morsels of plant based jerky. Some of us long for the burn, while some of us like it sweet. 

Unisoy Hot’n Spicy has a nice jolt of heat. No, it’s not a totally fiery experience, but it’ll remind your palate to wake up!

Prefer to play it cool with your plant based snacking? Say hello to Teriyaki. No heat here, just a classic, subtly sweet taste, with a touch of lemon that is perfect for every moment on the go.

Our THREE NEW FLAVORS fill the spectrum perfectly for vegetarians, vegans and omnivores. Like smoky? We’ve got Smoky Chipotle. Feeling fruity? Then Pineapple Habanero will get it done. Carne Asada is where meat (flavor) meets heat— ideal if you like lots of taste, but not too much spice with every bite. Let’s not forget our classic Black Pepper. It’s our most popular for a good reason.  

Hot or not? It’s up to you. There’s no wrong answer when you’re enjoying Unisoy jerky!